Plastipak Packaging, Inc.

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We can legitimately claim that our headset products are ‘out of this world’. For when Neil Armstrong spoke the immortal line ‘one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’, he did so through a Plantronics headset. Ever since we played a small but vital role in this historic event, we’ve continued to take giant leaps. Today our organisation has over 2,700 staff and offices in 20 countries. More importantly, our design and technological capabilities are as leading edge today as they were in the sixties. Whether people are using our products for work or pleasure, their lives are being made easier thanks to us.

Being creative. Increasing personal freedom. They’re principles that apply to both our products and the way we run our business. When you join us you’ll find that you’re encouraged to express your opinions and ideas. And because you’ll be working to help make people’s lives easier, we’ll make your life easier too, providing the sort of flexibility and benefits that you’ll appreciate.

Over 40 years of pushing back the boundaries shows. Our vision is ‘headsets for everyone’. To us, there’s nothing natural about having to hold a handset every time you want to talk to someone. It’s why we continue to change the face of personal communication, wherever people choose to hold a conversation. Compatible with telephones, mobiles and laptops, used in call centers, offices and homes, our products combine technological innovation with design comfort.