PF Chang's China Bistro

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The concept of diversity correlates quite nicely with the Chinese principles of Fan and T’sai. A traditional Chinese meal always contains a combination of fan (grains and starches), and t’sai (meat and vegetables). These foods have very unique characteristics that, when carefully combined, attain a more complete and harmonious dining experience. Just like our diversity philosophy, Fan and T’sai stresses the importance of balance and harmony.

We are a blending of people who value each other’s strengths, appreciate each other’s differences and celebrate our combined multiculturalism. The people who make our company what it is today have many differences yet many commonalities. We come from all walks of life, and are of various races, ages, ethnicities and belief systems. We are truly a blend of people after the same goal. Our goal is to provide a safe, stable, fair environment that empowers people to deliver at amazing productivity levels regardless of our many cultural differences. As such, we are constantly focused on hiring people who can understand and appreciate the importance of unity and the balance of diversity.

With that said our Company values diversity at all levels. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to hiring, training, compensating, promoting, developing and recognizing all of our valued employees without regard to race, sex, national origin, religion, color, age, sexual orientation, beliefs, disabilities, etc. Like the Chinese principles of Fan and T’sai, the combination of taste, texture, color and aroma creates harmony and balance. Simply put…all of our people together make us great!