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Work hard. Have fun. Make history. was born in a Chevy traveling west on Interstate 90. It was 1994 and Jeff Bezos was working on Wall Street, watching Web usage grow by 2300% each year. He knew that the Internet would soon be everywhere, so he jumped in his car, drove to Seattle, and launched Earth’s Biggest Bookstore. Our first headquarters were in Jeff’s garage, our first customers were his friends, and books were the first, best product to sell on the Internet.

Today, we offer Earth’s Biggest Selection with 18 million books, CDs, videos, toys electronics, online auctions and free electronic greeting cards. With this focus, it’s no wonder we’ve become the Internet’s No. 1 book, No. 1 music, and No. 1 video retailer and attracted more than 10 million satisfied customers. seeks to be the world’s most customer-centric company, where people can find and discover anything they may want to buy online.

The corporate philosophy is simple: If it’s good for our customers, it’s worth doing. Our company mission is to leverage technology and expertise to provide the best buying experience on the Internet. Put another way, we want people to come to, find whatever they want, discover things they didn’t know they wanted, and leave feeling like they have a new favorite place to shop. Work hard. Everyone at works hard, long, and smart. We act like owners because we are owners – stock options give each of us an equity stake in the company. Have fun. We are passionate about what we’re doing. Because of that, we have fun at work, which makes it easy for us to work hard. Make history. This is the most compelling reason to work at What we’re building is unprecedented. We’re not aspiring to a corporate model – we’re creating the model. The Everything Person. There is no type. There are employees who have three master’s degrees and some who speak five languages. We have people who’ve worked at Procter & Gamble and Microsoft, and people who’ve worked at Rolling Stone and The Village Voice. We have a professional figure skater, two racecar drivers, a Rhodes scholar, a set of twins, a husband and wife, and their dog. We wear jeans to work, have meetings in the hallway, and we get excited about html-enabled e-mail. We are a company committed to ingenuity and problem-solving. Almost nothing is off-the-shelf at Our software engineers are developing programs that are the first of their kind. Our editors create original content. And our site team designs features that simply can’t be found anywhere else. We’re innovators who know how to execute, and we’re dedicated to building an important and lasting company.
Every company wants people who are smart, intense, dynamic, and committed. Everyone wants team players who are firm but flexible, creative but practical. We’re no exception. We want those people too, but we don’t think that one or two ideal employees should fit that description. Every employee should fit that description. So we actively seek those people, and never hire someone who falls short of those criteria. We’re demanding of our employees, so we look for people who are demanding of themselves. We like people who think out of the box and articulate their ideas, regardless of whether or not those ideas relate to their job description. Our perfect candidate is someone who excels at their job, and can step in and take on completely different responsibilities with equal competence – someone who can get things done quickly, effectively, and with the big picture in mind

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Seattle may be the only city where you can scuba-dive, watch the salmon run, go to the symphony, or visit a world-famous open air market all within city limits. It sits two to three hours from Portland, Vancouver, the Olympic Peninsula, the Cascade Mountains, and the San Juan Islands. So you can hike, ski, mountain-bike, rock-climb, fish, whale-watch, island-hop, or check out other cities as a day trip. There are millions of reasons to live in Seattle. It’s a safe city with good schools and growing property values, and it’s one of few cities that are both cutting-edge and livable. It’s a high-tech industry hub and home to several market leaders, but boasts more than 6,100 acres of city parks. With a greater metropolitan area population of just over 1.5 million, Seattle has big-city resources with a small-city feel. is the product of a great idea, hard work, and exceptional people. We are pioneers in a growth industry, and we’re leading the way. But this is just the beginning; it’s still day one at If you would like to help us build our company, we invite you to apply. But before you do, there are a couple of things you should know. employees receive a competitive benefits package, including the opportunity to participate in our 401k plan. Compensation includes stock options. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.